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Collioure expresses its poetry through a palette of colors and lights, which has always inspired great artists such as Matisse, Derain, Chagall, Picasso or Duffy.

Collioure nestles in a little bay where the Royal Castle and the famous church tower reflect in its waters. Behind, the old village “Le Mouret” with its small narrow streets, leading to the discovery of its traditional Catalan homes that have kept their character and story along the years.

A sublime harmony between sea and mountains.

Oriental Pyrenees Area

The area of the Oriental Pyrenees is rich with history and traditions. Located close to Spain and Andorra, it offers many sightseeing opportunities to its visitors throughout the year, discoveries and activities to enjoy their stay at its fullest.


  • Prehistory: Museum of Tautavel.
  • Antiquity: Archaeological Museum of Elne, the ruins of Empùrias (Spain).
  • Roman Art: Priory of Serrabone, Abbey of Saint Martin du Canigou, Abbey of St Michel de Cuixà.
  • Gothic Art: Palace of the Kings of Majorca (Perpignan), Cathedral of Girona (Spain).
  • Military architecture of Vauban: Fort Liberia and ramparts of Villefranche de Conflent, Mont-Louis fortification, Royal Castle of Collioure.
  • Modern Art: Path of Fauvism in Collioure, Museum of Modern Art in Collioure and Céret

Capital of Catalonia and birthplace of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi.

Wherever you are in Barcelona, be sure that there is always something to see: Modernist jewels or contemporary architecture, markets to fill the senses, treasures of the ancient city, Roman and medieval, a parks to walk in or take a rest …

Barcelona is about 2 hours from Collioure. You can get there by train directly from Collioure.


Cadaquès in Spain, is a former fishing village, all houses are of white color. The village is located in a small bay. You can visit the house of “Salvador DALI” at Port Llegat and walk along various creeks that make the splendid landscape.

Do not miss out on the breathtaking views of Cape Creus. Cadaquès is approximately 1 hour from Collioure.